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Stickers are a great long-term advertisements of Your company. They can also be used as warning signs such as "Pull", "Stop" or information about the country (flag, country code), company (legal status UAB, "…"), event, product or service, etc.


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Suitable for outdoor use: usually glued to cars, windows, storefronts, doors, walls, etc. Made in larger formats and are more expensive because the materials used for their manufacture are resistant to humidity, temperature variation, fading, etc.

Suitable for indoor use: glued on furniture, machinery, inside doors, books, etc. These stickers are printed by offset or digital presses depending on the run size.

Format – up to A2 size


  • Strong adhesiveness
  • Medium adhesiveness
  • Light adhesiveness, leaves no glue marks


  • Sticky paper
  • Sticky film
  • Sticky transparent film (a reverse view can be prnted)

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