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Mini photo books

We are proud to present a new product - MINI PHOTO BOOK!

It's a small book that fits in the palm of your hand. You can perpetuate the most beautiful of your memories, photos or your parents, children, friends or loved ones in this photo book.

Create your mini photo book for yourself or give it as a gift to someone that you love so you can always be close by!

500x500 MINI photobook EN

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  • "Mini book 3" - 35x27 mm, 18 photograps
  • "Mini book 7" - 72x52 mm, 12 or 16 photographs
  • Cover colours: pink, sky blue, violet, navy, chocolate, black.
  • Magnet clasp
  • "Mini book 3" is with key-chain


  • "Mini book 3" - 22 Lt / 6,37 €;
  • "Mini book 7" - 12 pages – 32 Lt / 9,27 €; 16 pages – 33 Lt / 9,56 €;

You are interested in this product? Send us an enquiry, we will calculate the price and contact you.