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Hard cover books

Books can be of various types – academic, professional, recreational, for children and grown-ups. We publish very thick vocabularies, history books in unusually big formats, representational books about the country, city, hotel, museum, etc. We can use various technologies in our books – from different printing methods, various papers to post-printing. From sophisticated to small budget solutions. Minimum amount – from 1 copy.


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  • Competent consultations
  • Wide choice of paper and post-press works
  • Optimal run – from 500 copies
  • A specially designed book case, paper book cover or a special guide mark can be created

Post-press works: Folding, perforation, creasing, figure cutting, cutting, numeration, lamination, UV varnishing, cover thermography, foiling, gravure printing, corner rounding, metal strips.


We will create a design and offer you the product according to your needs and budget.

You are interested in this product? Send us an enquiry, we’ll calculate the price and contact you.