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The calendar season is getting busy!

Saulius Jokuzys printing calendars 2011

Download calendar catalogue 2011 (PDF, 2 MB).

Our printing house has been manufacturing calendars for 20 years now. During this time we acquired experience and learned the specifics of production. We want to help those of you, who are planning to order calendars, and offer some advice on how to do it properly.

  1. Why are you printing the calendars? Probably you will use them as gifts to your clients, partners or employees? They will be representing your company for the whole upcoming year, so it‘s wise to order high quality calendars.
  2. Think about the size and type of the calendar – some non-standard calendars look great when hung on the wall, but they might be very inconvenient when sending or giving. Usually it‘s worthwhile to order special calendar packaging boxes provided by the printers, as they cost less than big post envelopes. We can also print your company‘s information, logos or advertisements on it.
  3. Carefully choose the designer – the looks of your calendar will depend solely on his skills. It is important to know that design works usually take twice the time needed for the manufacture of the calendar.
  4. Think about the inner pages of the calendar – how many languages (2, 4 or 6) do you need, what colours will you use, ask the manufacturer which country‘s holidays will be marked.
  5. Inquire if the company that is offering the calendars will print you a test copy? It is very important when ordering big amounts, because this way you will avoid mistakes.
  6. Carefully examine the commercial offer – does the price includes design and layout works, UV or disperse varnish, packaging, delivery, etc. These works can greatly increase the total price of your calendar.
  7. Does the manufacturer commit to deliver the calendars on the term set out in the commercial offer? November and December are the busiest months for manufacturers, so it‘s very important to set strict delivery terms and adhere to them.
  8. Does the manufacturer guarantee the quality of the calendars, won‘t it be curled, with fallen metal parts, etc., at the end of the year? Look at the calendar that is hanging on your wall now – if it looks right for you, order from the same supplier again.

P.S. There are no rules without exceptions in life. We sincerely wish you to find great quality for a low price :)

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